Doing the right thing is sometimes hard, but when you put your children first it is the most natural thing in the world

This is a statement to whom it may concern!
You need to move on with your life and stop trying to interfere with me trying to help other Fathers see their children.
I do not want my children to get dragged into a social networking nasty game.
This is why my twitter account will remain anonymous.
I do not want to identify anyone but someone seems hell bent on identifying themselves!

Do you think that a child would enjoy having their friends laugh at them, because their Mother was talking about getting rammed by an Italian? This was not you by the way as this was 2 years ago! Just something to think about eh! They and all their mates have read everything she tweets and wrote in her blog which was why she was told by the court to take it down. She did not do this for the good of the children she did it because the court told her to.

If you wish to get in dialogue with me privately we can, but do you really want to know the gory details of her behaviour?Domestic Violence is not something any man wants to admit to, let alone talk about, but if you want to talk to me about what I went through then get my details from her and we can meet.

I understand you want to stand by her, I was there once before remember.I have been the one calling her ex boyfriends all the names under the sun, based on what she had told me and believe me, I believed every single word! I had my doubts and eventually spoke to her Father who increased my suspicions.

Ask her why she does not speak to her Mother and Father? Why they have not seen their youngest Grandchildren for two years. Oh suddenly after reading my tweets she sends them round to see them via her ex husband just over a week ago! Go and meet with them and talk to them.

Stories of sexual, physical and mental abuse, sound familiar?

I was only a young man when I fell for it all. Conned and then trapped!

Your girlfriend put me through hell, and I do not wish to go over it all unless I have to.I will say just a few things I hope you will be mindful about.

Look your girlfriend in the eye and ask her why her lads wanted to stay with their Father?
Ask her if she gave them an ultimatum?
I’m sure she will look for other reasons, but at least you will know she lied.
Have you seen the file bundle and the CAFCASS reports related to her case?

I know that most of it is always my word against her word and vice versa, but even CAFCASS said “why would she leave her 3 year old daughter, with a man she claims is violent, so she can go on an extended break, this does not make sense”.

Ask your girlfriend if she was given cash for her daughter at first £700 a month to be exact? Ask her if she paid the mortgage like she was meant to do? Ask her about how we lost our entire life equity because of her actions. Ask about the 47K which includes the interest on the loan I had to take out to pay it all off, she left me in debt with, all forged in my name! I knew nothing about most of it. Ask her about the people carrier she ordered a couple of weeks before I left. How the garage telephoned me to ask me about picking it up as it had to be me! I knew nothing about it. I cancelled it and they were furious with me! Ask her what she did the day after I left the house! She moved her boyfriend in and told the lads she met him that day! Ask her why she eventually left the house wrecked with dirty underwear strewn across the house! Ask her why if I was violent was she asking me to pick her up to take her to Nativity plays the lads were in as she couldn’t drive. Ask her why she left the hamster in its cage with no food or water and I found it dead in its cage!

Ask her how long she was paid through the CSA? Around 2 years actually!

Ask her why the CSA stopped payment? I was paying for my daughter and she was paying nothing for the lads and she was told when she went back to work she would have to pay so SHE asked for neither of us to pay each other. All on record!

Not quite the same as not paid a penny eh? Another thing I would like to say is about the poor young child who was used as a possession and weapon.Say to your girlfriend, when the child’s father asked to see his daughter for 4 years, did you say “It’s not that I don’t want you to see her, I just want her to settle”

If your ex stopped you seeing yur child, what would you do? I don’t think you would be as placid as me.

Doing the right thing is sometimes hard, but when you put your children first it is the most natural thing in the world. Would you say your behaviour is that of an educated, wise person?
I hope this is the last I hear on this subject. Believe it or not, I do wish you the best for the future.  I would like my poor child to finally have a stable life.  You will not be her Father, but you will be responsible for making her life happy.  The same role that your ex fiancées new partner will have for your child.

If you read the CAFCASS reports you will see my daughter wanted to see me and went against her Mother for months until one day she was told the lies you and many others have been told.

The last time I saw my daughter she was screaming “I want my Daddy” and still screaming it the next day on an answering machine message. The next time was at CAFCASS for 20 minutes where we had hugs and chatted and she put her head to one side and said “I remember your hair!” then two phone calls when her Mother wasn’t around and then a nasty call saying “I don’t want to speak to you!” So how did she come to the conclusion I am a #dick?

I am a loving Father who always puts his children and Family first above all else.

This crap about the glass door!  What really happened was as follows: I was playing a run around game with my eldest on Christmas Eve and she slammed the door and it shattered. Took eldest to hospital and he got a plaster on his head but they noticed I was bleeding heavily and I had cut my heel almost entirely off. I had to have an epidural so I could go home after the operation which did not work, so they had to quickly put me out to sew it back on. Christmas was delayed by a day by her and her parents so I could be with my son at Christmas.

I was never allowed to see my Family because they smoked. My daughter never even met my mother before she died. The lads saw them less than a handful of times. They did not attend the wedding.
I could go on about what the lads witnessed and what they went through but there is little point on here. If you want to talk then contact me.
My son is very angry about you also telling blatant lies, spent 5 minutes with him and he did not say a word to you. Abusive phone calls? Yeah right, you both need to stop lying and get on with your lives. Evidence please!

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