Lost Hope!

Lost Hope!

The last 8 years of my life of alienation have been filled with the pain of losing my beloved daughter, kidnapped from me screaming “I want my Daddy”
Every day hoping her mother would put her first, see sense and see my daughter needed me ‘her loving Dad’.
You know the details of what I went through for 13 years and what my sons went through especially after having chosen to live with me.
This is about my feelings now and to get there I have to say where I was before this.
Briefly, I always believed blood was thicker than water and my daughter would one day come and find me because I was her Dad, she loved me as much as I loved her surely? The imposter she was forced to call Dad was just that, an imposter. Not her real Dad, no relative apart from through her mother having an affair and marrying him and of course now divorced from.
My daughter as you know spent two years telling her brother and Cafcass she wanted to see me. Aged 8 until aged 10 but her mother was not going to let that happen! So High Level Brainwashing took over!
But I have continued to believe one day she will return to the family she was so cruelly ripped from and be back in her Dad’s arms once again. As you know when we were reunited at Cafcass we hugged a lot and she very sweetly said “I remember your hair!”
So since withdrawing from court for the sake of my children I have tried to help so many people to reunite with their children and to support as many alienated parents and children as I can with my time on Twitter. This is including building a website with my step-son to reach as many as possible so that nobody ever feels they have nowhere to turn or nobody to turn to!
Last weekend we went to see our granddaughter and when we got to their farmhouse we were greeted with this little girl who we love so much, smiling so wide she was like a sunbeam. She was so happy and we had a fantastic day. She was chatting to me and laughing, we had cuddles and did the alphabet, played on the swings, drew pictures and just generally ran around having fun. It struck me there and then this little girl, my step-granddaughter loved me unconditionally. It does not matter to her I am not genetically linked to her because I am Grandpa! So my whole belief of the last 8 years of blood being thicker than water was blown right out of the water, so to speak!
This whole belief had got me through the last painful 8 years of alienation and would get me through however long it took for my daughter to come looking for me her real Dad.
It was gone and along with it the hope I had held for so long!
It has shocked me how the love and devotion of my granddaughter has brought me to this desperate feeling of hopelessness!
So you see ‘Lost Hope’ really is lost for now.
When I see photos of my alienated daughter I see total sadness in her eyes and that will never leave me. I know my daughter would love me. I know my daughter would love my Fiancée and family. I know my daughter loves her brothers. So she is kept from that love by parental alienation and high level brainwashing. She is not allowed to make up her own mind because her mind is controlled by her mother and maybe it always will be!
So there you have it ‘Lost Hope!’

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5 Responses to Lost Hope!

  1. Sitting in an airport lounge half way around the world and just reading this has broken my heart , I must look a right fool sitting here trying to stop the flood of tears ….I guess reading posts like this makes what I have to come do in the UK on the 22nd is put an end to the madness and walk away and hope …but hope only goes that far ….

  2. clivechip says:

    Reblogged this on Clive's Blog and commented:
    The first of JD’s three posts. I hope you read this and the two that follow.

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  5. Sorry for your pain. Thanks for sharing. Agreed, parental alienation is real. Let the world never forget the harm it does to children.

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