End Parental Alienation – light a candle of hope

Our very special support network for all #PASBrothers and #PASSisters #LightaCandle #PASAwareness

Daddy don't you walk so fast

candleOne of the benefits of social media is the growing sense of online community.

It can be a powerful way of communicating and is increasingly a source of information, help and support.

Anyone who has suffered or is still suffering the relentless pain of separation from their child or even children knows that it’s a pain that ebbs and flows but never, ever subsides. It is triggered by the simplest of things, an image, a noise, a scent, a memory, a kind gesture or a harsh word. We need all the help we can get simply to subsist and certainly need to unite if we’re to shake and destroy this disease, a blight on our generation.

One of the pathfinders at the sharp end of the anti-PAS movement is someone known to his Twitter family and friends as @fatherscontact.

If you’re on there look him up.

One of…

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