What No Christmas cards!

Every year since I met my amazing Fiancé (FC) I have never known their mother buy my fantastic step-sons a Birthday or Christmas present. The boys confirm this and say she has never sent them anything apart from the very first year they left to live with their Dad, some 12 years now. This year has seen no exception and then to get told she had sent a Twitter friend a card and earrings was astonishing.

In the Summer we sent his alienated daughter a huge box full of presents and cards as we always have done for her. These were to open at her ex step-grandparents house after her birthday. We also had a cake and balloon delivered on the day anonymously so as not to cause his daughter distress on her actual birthday. These presents included a laptop amongst many other thoughtful gifts. We were told she did not want them but she still kept them! So this year we decided to put money away for her instead but we let her know that was what we were doing so she did not think we were ignoring her.

All my step-sons want is to have a positive relationship with their mother and sisters without being abused but sadly she just cannot manage that. It is all about control and trying to destroy FC and his relationships with his sons.

It amazes me as I have known some serious PAS abusers in my time but she takes the award for the worst one ever. One day FC’s daughter will see the abuse she has suffered being ripped from his loving arms and lost into a false existence within a controlling environment. All she needs to do is talk to her fantastic brothers to have her loving Dad back in her life. She; like all truly alienated children think it is their choice, but maturity will open that crazy book for her to read and one day repair when she is reunited with her fantastic Dad.

It has also made me wonder if the recipient of the gift their mother sent it to considers this abuse of these three innocent children! I feel sure she certainly does as I know she is a very kind person.

All their mother has to do is let go of the hate and be a decent person she so readily tries extremely hard to portray she is. Allow the children to have a relationship with not only their Dad and brothers but with her own Mother and Father, their maternal grandparents. They also desperately miss their grandchildren having been alienated from the girls since they supported FC through court. A very brave and noble thing for maternal grandparents to do in my experience especially knowing they would not see their grandchildren again knowing the threats their daughter had made over the children’s lifetimes to keep them under her abusive control through the fear of never seeing their grandchildren again.

Maybe ex step-dad could take FC’s daughter and his own two daughters over to see them. Make the time as you did when you were trying to show her ex Twitter boyfriend how she was a decent person allowing them to see the girls, all for show of course as they have not seen them since.

Why does she never consider the emotional damage she is doing to these children? The Summer saw youngest reunited with his sister after two more years kept apart and their strong bond was evident to see in the photographs but then their mother posted like a knife into his very kind heart, how the highlight of her Summer was meeting this particular Twitter acquaintance. How can a mother be so cruel? It is beyond my comprehension.

Spending Christmas alone without any of her children has not made her consider her behaviour and I have come to the conclusion she never will. Some people are just not capable of seeing, it is not all about them.

No matter how she tries to portray things on Twitter we know the truth and far more than she even knows, but all will become evident soon.

A final message to you their mother: The door is always open and we would welcome moving forward for the children’s sake.


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One Response to What No Christmas cards!

  1. If only they would all just put the children first!

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