How a mother can behave in this way is beyond my comprehension! By FCFiancee

I am starting this blog post in tears. I am so angry and find it impossible to understand how anyone can behave the way FC’s PAS and DV abuser behaves towards her own children.
My youngest step-son is a truly beautiful young man and yet she has never wanted anything to do with him, she has never made any attempt to see him despite having free access anytime. Yet she goes off for weekends with her Twitter acquaintances on a whim. She buys cards and gifts then sends them to total strangers off Twitter. She has never once sent her son a card, let alone a gift.

Eldest step-son was persuaded by her to change his student finance from his Dad to her in his second year at university, purely in an attempt to remove his Dad from his life. It took her nearly a year to get it right. He got into all sorts of financial difficulties because of her. It eventually got sorted out. This academic year she should have signed and sent the form back in the summer. This would have meant it was there ready for him to get in September when he signed in for his third year. Of course she hadn’t done it and continued to lie to him saying she had. He kept asking her time and time again to do it. It got to Christmas and he telephoned her again to ask her if she could please sign it and send it back. He then told her he was coming home for Christmas and she went bat shit crazy! Crying, screaming, shouting, blackmail; the whole lot, but he stood his ground and told her it was not about her it was about him wanting to see his Dad and family. She told him his Dad was just doing it to destroy her and to get back at her. This was a light bulb moment for him because he knew his Dad had no idea he was coming home for Christmas! As you all know FC had absolutely no idea his son was coming home for Christmas, it was in fact his third and final pre-Christmas surprise. His son has not heard from his mother since! He has text and telephoned constantly with no response to any communications whatsoever!

How can a mother do this to her child? Leave him with no student finance. No food, no rent money for his accommodation, nothing! Then I find out she did not even send him a card or present for his 21st Birthday. This is a woman who attempted to make cards for a living. Tomorrow his Dad will fill in the forms once again for him to get his finance through. He has struggled through the last 18 months but he now has his family back and he will no longer have to worry about anything other than studying for his degree.

I am now going to sit and write some of my recipes out for him and order the food to be delivered to his student house. Life is hard enough as a student without the worry of finances and living costs. I cannot comprehend how any mother can do this to her own child purely out of spite. Anyone would think she was paying it out of her own pocket! She had obviously realised she could use it to control him when she convinced him to change it from his Dad to her in his second year at university and she tried to use it against him when he decided to come home for Christmas.

She has abused his daughter her entire life and continues to do so even though his daughter has yet to realise just how and why. One day she will in fact realise and when she does she can start the process of healing and get back the very strong bond her and her fantastic Dad once shared before she was so painfully kidnapped screaming “I want my Daddy!” All she has to do now is talk to her two wonderful brothers and her maternal Grandparents. They have supported FC throughout and they continue to fully support their Grandsons. They love and miss their three Granddaughters; FC’s daughter and her two younger half sisters, but they hold onto hope one day they will knock on their door.

We also now know for certain this disgusting PAS abusing mother has in fact told his daughter the disgusting lies she wrote in her ‘Blog of Lies’ but she thinks it’s okay as she has only indirectly told her in the car and within close proximity and earshot. This in her abusive world is not the same as telling her face to face! How can a mother live with herself knowing her extremely vulnerable daughter is walking around with these disgusting lies in her very fragile mind!

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5 Responses to How a mother can behave in this way is beyond my comprehension! By FCFiancee

  1. Clive says:

    i’ve hit the ‘like’ button but I’m not sure that’s right tbh. It’s a show of support, not a recognition that I liked what I read. As ever, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you all and hoping that things will finally turn out as they should.

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  3. Andrew Boyce says:

    During my divorce my ex started to alienate the children and block my calls. Her father paid the judge off and I have now not seen my children for three years. No birthdays, Christmas, fathers day, etc. I am a certified teacher and administrator in Illinois but am not allowed to see my children. View all the details of criminal activity by ex, attorney and judge Kevin Busch in Illinois. My children have been abused physically and mentally by her as the pictures and police reports show and children have stated.

  4. Marianne says:

    Hi! I can relate to all of this. After 12 years of being a stepmom, it is unbelievable to me the things mom does to her adult kids to this day. Good for you for supporting the son in school, he needs this time to grow and not be manipulated into worrying about his mom as she is trying to make his college years about her!

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