Eldest Step-Son’s Student Finance

Eldest Step-Son’s Student Finance

It has taken a while to be able to write this blog post. Mainly because we wanted to give his mother the opportunity to do the right thing by her son. Sadly this was not to be!

In his first year at university FC completed his eldest son’s student finance as his resident Dad. Then his mother started abusing him with PAS and passing on disgusting messages through her Twitter buddies not knowing they were being passed straight on to me.

The lies were horrendous and lost eldest step-son almost a year of his family. Thank god for youngest step-son as he intervened and asked his brother about the lies being said. His brother was shocked and upset these things had been said about him and asked his brother to help him put things right. As you know youngest step-son and I organised a surprise for FC on Christmas Eve of his eldest son coming home for Christmas.

We have all repaired the strong bonds we have always shared with his eldest son. He has grown up and matured into a lovely young man in the year he was absent from our lives only in a physical sense, as him and his Dad and brother have always stayed in contact via telephone throughout.

So getting back to his student finance, his PAS abusing mother convinced him to change his finance over to her name saying he would get more money if he did. What teenager doesn’t want more money? Well we were led to believe it had taken her nearly a year to get the forms right. This we found out was not the case. She never did get them right and Student Finance gave up on her and sorted it as he was an independent student. So in fact she had created a year of financial stress and got him into debt for her own incompetence and yet she tells everyone she has A levels. Having checked the records myself during the court case for contact with FC’s little girl, she certainly does not have A levels.

Well he has been asking her to do the student finance forms for 2015/16 for over 10 months and she has continually lied and conned him into believing she had done them. Of course she hadn’t! No money in his bank and getting into a very stressful situation again he kept saying he would give her one more week. Weeks quickly turn into months and because he came home for Christmas she ignored his countless phone calls and texts as a punishment. She was tweeting constantly during the time he was desperate to get hold of her. When he finally got hold of her she just lied and then emotionally abused him by saying “All you are interested in is the money, you are not interested in me!” Yes of course he needs his money to pay his rent, bills and food. Basics of life not luxuries!

Yesterday we got a phone call from him and he said he had had people at the house demanding money so it forced him to deal with it. He rang student finance and they told him to get his Dad to do it and told him his mother had never ever managed to fill in the forms correctly or send in the necessary paperwork anyway and they had eventually just assessed him as an independent student in the last academic year.

Well step-son sent us the link, we filled it in and it was posted registered post to arrive before 1pm today within 40 minutes! So now he will at least get his finance through as soon as they can process it.

As for his serious PAS abusing mother, well she is under a full investigation through Social Services and the police due to her connections with a child abuser who is awaiting trial at crown court. We will wait to see how that turns out. A custodial sentence would be justice.

It all makes sense now why she suddenly went back to her ex-husband after her Twitter boyfriend ended their relationship. This was just as her ex-husband was about to go to court to get full custody of her youngest two daughters due to PAS abuse and neglect. We were about to help him do that through court. This was another man she had made false allegations of domestic violence about! There is a very long history of her disgusting behaviour and lies!

FC’s daughter is still 100% alienated and 100% aligned with her mother but I do think as she gets older and more mature she will want to have contact with her brothers again and she will discover the truth and want to put that right. I suppose it all depends whose heart and DNA she really has. If she has her Dad’s sweet and precious heart she will come looking and if she doesn’t then her life will be missing a fantastic family. I am afraid that will be her loss.


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One Response to Eldest Step-Son’s Student Finance

  1. Clive says:

    Not sure if ‘like’ is right, but I hit the button for support! I hope everything gets sorted quickly by the authorities now that they have what they need. As for his mother, no legally permissible punishment would be enough. For want of a better phrase, I hope she goes down with her ex-boyfriend.

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