Fragments of Memories of my Alienated Daughter

When the final court ordered contact took place I was meant to have 10 minutes at the changeover of my sons seeing their sister to reintroduce me to my alienated daughter.

The PASAbuser had clearly told her lies about the contact order and that it was just for her to see her brothers. The Judge and Guardian thought it would be a good idea to use the lads relationships with their sister to help her reconnect to me. This fact I was not happy with but felt I had no choice but to try it.  They had not considered the seriously dangerous force of the PASAbuser to destroy any hope of success. It was meant to allow her to get to know me.

However, unknown to me then, her mother had started the serious PASAbuse and had worked out a plan my daughter had to follow, but on the first of the contacts she had got stuck in traffic. I remember how my daughter was looking at me with absolute curiosity, smiling at times and engaging in the conversation with her brothers, she was clearly not recognising the monster her mother had filled her head with.

She was constantly looking around to see her mother to implement her mothers orders but what I saw was a fragile mind confused with the situation she was faced with. Not a monster, but a kind and loving Dad standing in front of her. The Daddy she had lost, the one whose hair she had remembered, and maybe somewhere in her fragile memories she was remembering being ripped from my loving arms screaming “I want my Daddy!” She was seeing the unconditional love shared between her brothers and her alienated Dad. Sadly, this was to be the one & only time I saw her.

Her mother’s plan was for my daughter to run off back to her mother before I arrived to pick the lads up from the meeting point! This was where we were meant to have 10 minutes for her to get to know me and feel comfortable with me with her brothers. The courts had put such a burden on the lads to reconnect their sister with me, her Dad.

Their mother did nothing but abuse all three children at these contacts along with her then ‘child abuser’ boyfriend! More on him later!

The courts really had no idea just how evil the PASAbuser was and still is!

Sometimes memories just enter your head and stop you dead in your tracks!



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4 Responses to Fragments of Memories of my Alienated Daughter

  1. Clive says:

    I hit ‘like’ as a show of support, not because I like the situation you have been put into. I hope things will work out for you, preferably in the near rather than distant future.

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