Parental Alienation Awareness


We all strive very hard and very painfully to bring about International #PASAwareness on a daily basis. Through our continued events of #LightaCandle from the past to create our #PASCollages, to the new event coming up 1st to the 25th December in the #PASTreeofLove #PASBauble we fight to spread awareness and support each other through the very deep pain of being alienated from our children and grandchildren!

Seeing how many were negatively reacting to the program on BBC2 @VictoriaLive in itself was painful to read but I have to say not from my followers or Twitter from what I managed to read. It all seemed to be coming via that other social media site!!

Parental Alienation is not a new form of child abuse; it has been happening for decades, it just didn’t have a name then. #PA is not gender specific either as anyone can see from the #PASSisters on my account who are also victims of a #PASAbuser and in many cases entire families of #PASAbusers setting out to totally destroy the relationship of a vulnerable child and their parent and maternal or paternal family. In my case it is both maternal and paternal families alienated from my daughter.

You certainly don’t have to be a resident parent to use the child abuse of #PA on your child. Many will use #PA at contact, trying to use the child to hurt the other parent. How is this ever going to be doing the right thing for your child?

Putting the child first is paramount! It is not a competition and children will eventually grow up, mature and seek answers. How would you want them to view you when they look back on their childhood, will they proudly say “Dad/Mum, you always put me first!” This does not include telling a child you are protecting them from a monster; in the so many ways alienators do, because the only monster in an alienated child’s life is the #PASAbuser! Sometimes both parents are guilty of #PA and I cannot imagine how terrible the adult children now feel knowing neither parent could put their welfare before their own selfish desire for control, spread their hate and to inflict harm!

#PASAwareness is about getting to the general public and the mild abusers of #PA to try to turn things around for the good of the children. Unconditional Love does not abuse!

Two thirds of the @VictoriaLive programme focused on the Father as the abuser, typical of the BBC but from my perspective I thought it was a bold move. Showing Mothers can also be victims of #PA highlights #PA because the vast majority of the show’s audience will have been women and grandparents. The viewers must now be thinking about #PA and how it affects children. This can only be a step in the right direction, be it ever so tiny! Like I said, it would take hour long programmes daily to even scratch the surface of parental alienation and the tactics used to brainwash innocent children.

The saddest thing for me was to see the gender bashing going on, luckily the majority I am told came from that other site and the reason I don’t have an account on there!  One person’s pain is no greater than another who is a victim of #PA. Losing your child to #PA is like having a piece of your heart ripped out and a part of your soul missing. #PASSisters would be the first to say it affects Dads more than Mums but that balance is changing and our #PASCommunity of #PASSisters continually support so many Dads in the same situation and we will continue to support them in return.

Not surprisingly on the @VictoriaLive programme, known serious #PASAbusers trying yet again to justify the abuse they have inflicted onto their own children/step-children! As always, clutching at fragments of straws about just one misquoted professional of #PAS. For someone who seems to be obsessed with this aspect it makes you wonder. I remember another #ChildAbuser and #PASAbuser making such disgusting references in the past and we will see in February how that turned out!  My question will always be is the child having positive contact with both maternal and paternal families? If not, why not? Children do not make decisions to reject their loving parent without serious brainwashing. Children do not naturally hate a loving parent or grandparent. Abusive alienated children are parroting the #PASAbusers for various reasons.

The #PASAwareness the show brought is another step closer to ending the child abuse of #PA Sadly we are a long way from the general public being aware of this child abuse but every little helps.

The awareness we strive for is not as elusive as it once was, thanks to the continual support of #PASBrothers and #PASSisters and for the continual creative hard work of @PAS_Amanda in creating the Picture Posts.

Put your children first and don’t allow hate to control your ability to be a good parent.

Together we are stronger!

Please join us between 1st and 25th December and tweet or email me your #PASBauble and show your support for all alienated children and their families this Christmas! Everyone is welcome to join in. Be a part of the new #PASCollage!

My wish for Christmas every year is for all the alienated children; teens and adults out there to find it in their heart to want to reunite with their loving family. They will find an open heart, an open door and unconditional love!










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2 Responses to Parental Alienation Awareness

  1. Clive says:

    I watched the programme too. I can understand your concern about its apparent gender bias but, as you suggest, the important thing was that the issue was given airtime at last. I’m by no means as expert as you on the subject so I wasn’t able to spot the known abusers that you refer to, sorry! The thing that most struck me was how unimpressive I found the Cafcass CEO to be. Full of waffle and bullshit – hardly surprising that his agency doesn’t have a great track record, is it!

    I follow a Facebook site called Hearts Apart – I assume you’re aware of it. It seems to be quite small, judging by the low number of comments on its posts, but it doesn’t seem dissimilar to what you are doing. They need to ramp things up though – their blog has over 3,000 followers but they haven’t posted in over a year. I suggested that they should restart it and make more of that following, and in a subsequent post they said that they hope to do this in the new year. It’s another voice – it may not be as powerful and well-supported as yours, but every voice counts in the fight against #PAS.

    I hope that once the gender-bashing has been taken out of the equation, there will be more programmes dedicated to following up on the subject. It is far too important to be left to just one daytime show – but that is, at least, a start!

    One small final point. You mention February as being the due date for that abuser. Has it been deferred again, or are you just assuming that the dust will have settled by then?

    I hope that, apart from all the good work you do for others, your own fight for justice brings you the reward you deserve so much.

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